Care proceedings involving disabilities and /or deafness

Something to help support the deaf which is nice x


The Court of Appeal examined a case involving a father who was deaf, and overturned the Care Order and Placement Order, sending it back for rehearing    (it is something which you become painfully conscious of, when writing about a case involving a deaf person, how often the word ‘hearing’ is thrown around)

Re C (A Child) 2014

I became aware of this one a little while ago, but having been waiting for the judgment to be published.

If you ever have proceedings where one of the parents is deaf, the judgment is an absolute must-read – for social workers and for lawyers, but it also has some wider applicability, due largely to three issues.

I’ll deal with the wider applications first, and then the parts that relate specifically to parents with hearing disabilities.

Firstly, the Court of Appeal backing what Baker J said in Wiltshire v N and Others 2013  …

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