“Adoption—genealogical bewilderment”

Adoption Detective | A True Story by Judith Land

Judith Land | Celebrity Adoptee | Villa Saint Andrea Judith Land, Villa Sant’ Andrea, Tuscany, Italy, addressing the topic of genealogical bewilderment and mothers who intentionally lock themselves behind stone walls and iron gates to maintain secrecy and conceal their true identify from their own biological child, “Motherhood is an act of creation and an enduring verity that is everlasting. Our mothers launch us into this world and they are our true spiritual and biological link on this earth for all eternity. The genetic blueprint we inherit from them mimics the physiological and psychological characteristics shared by our matriarchal ancestors for survival over the millennia. Our relationship is much more unique and complex than simply biological—the essence of the ethereal life force that sustains and connects us as mother and child is esoteric, intuitive, spiritual and eternally much greater than the sum of its parts—to fully develop our concept of self we must know something about our heritage before we can…

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