Forced Adoption Exposed.

Something Serious Is Going Wrong, Children Are Being Routinely Taken From Families. Social Services Can No Longer Hide Behind ‘Damned If We Do, Damned If We Don’t…’ 

No one now would batters an eye lid at cases from the 60s of Children being taken from young mothers in convents.  People see this as something that happened in the olden days but what if I could prove that even today Children are being removed from loving families by police force, some even cuffed, children dragged and bounded to the floor, young children removed and are told parents can not keep them safe, lied to, told they have been hurt by their parents, confused these children are hiding under tables in the strangers house, babies taken from the mothers breast – days even hours old new born’s taken right from birth. 

FORCED ADOPTION was going on back then and it’s still going on NOW and this must END….

What is going on is abusive, torturous, liable, defamatory, discrimination and a total breech of misconducted, and so many people are involved in such corruption it’s a total miscarriage of justice, an out right FAILURE by the system here to protect and serve the people.   

There has been much small exposure of this over the past few years but this year sees the start of a boom. Watch what was said on This Morning 

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